December 28, 2022
Bungalow-inspired green living eagerly waiting to sprout from the ground
“Forty years ago, as a young man, I topped up the roof on one of the blocks. Now, seeing it as a flat piece of land, my wish is for it to become blessed homes for those who move in.”

This was what Arthur Aw, executive director of Kimen Group, said as he visited the “flattened” site on 25 November. The demolition was completed way ahead of time of its scheduled completion.

The demolition works at the old Jervois Mansions had progressed smoothly, beginning with the tearing down of the much-loved black-and-white units.

As of 29 September, only two blocks of units were still standing and the view from above looked surreal.

By 31 October, only the silhouettes of the two swimming pools were visible when seen from a bird’s eye view, looking like installation art.

We will miss the old blocks and the familiar swimming pool. But exciting developments are in the works, and we await with eager anticipation the dramatic transformation that will rise from this site! We will share more details and photos with you as things unfold. Look out for our updates!

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