February 25, 2023
Kimen scores another “first” for Jervois Mansion
Staying true to Kimen’s commitment to green sustainability, Jervois Mansion is Singapore’s first low-rise private residential development to be awarded with the Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) coveted Green Mark GoldPlus Super Low Energy certification (New Residential Buildings).

Jervois Mansion obtained this certification after being evaluated in 10 stringent criteria set by the BCA and is the best-in-class performing Green Mark Building to achieve at least 60% energy savings above 2005 building codes used as the reference for Green Mark energy savings.

To achieve the super low energy certification, Kimen uses both passive and active designs.


Passive design

Passive design involved advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation for Jervois Mansion which managed to score higher than BCA’s requirement of 60% effective ventilation.

The CFD simulation showed that placing blocks in a staggered arrangement allowed wind to flow more efficiently through Jervois Mansion, enhancing natural ventilation.

Besides the staggered arrangement of the blocks, windows and openings of all units were carefully oriented to ensure good cross-ventilation.

Unlike other condominiums, all units at Jervois Mansion will have elegant metal grills at their entryways which are specifically designed for maximum cross-ventilation of air flow, thereby reducing the dependence on air-conditioning.

To further cool units of the development in tropical Singapore where direct sunlight can be harsh, the maximum number of blocks at Jervois Mansion will have a Northeast-and-Southwest orientation to ensure that the majority of units do not get direct East and West sunlight.

Jervois Mansion scored 17.5w/sqm in terms of residential envelope transmittance value (RETV), less than the 20.0w/sqm standard set by the BCA.


Active design

Besides passive designs, many active designs are implemented at Jervois Mansion.

To reduce energy consumption, all air-conditioning systems used in the development will have the maximum 5-ticks energy-saving feature.

To further reduce the reliance on air-conditioning, residents will be encouraged to use ceiling fans for enhanced natural ventilation with the provision of power points for their installation. Kimen has committed to 25 units in the development with full installation of ceiling fans throughout the units as a prototype of what is possible for other units.

All lifts in Jervois Mansion are also energy-efficient, featuring a sleep mode to reduce energy consumption when the lifts are not in use.

In addition, all light fixtures will be fitted with high energy-efficient LED bulbs, contributing to a minimum energy savings of 30%.

Jervois Mansion will also incorporate a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on all its rooftop pavilions which will generate enough renewable energy to replace about 30% of the power consumption of common facilities like the club house, function rooms and swimming-pool pumps.

To encourage and enable residents to adopt energy-saving measures, each unit at Jervois Mansion is set to have a wireless smart system hub so that residents can easily control their lighting, air-conditioning and energy usage according to their own preferences.

Arthur Aw, executive director of Kimen Group, said, “We had to collaborate extensively with our trusted partners like architects, interior design and landscape consultants, engineers and suppliers to achieve this hard-to-get certification. This certification shows our commitment to implementing sustainable initiatives in all our projects, and demonstrates our personal attention to details, thereby enhancing the lifestyles of residents at Jervois Mansion. Besides rooting for green sustainability, we will actively cultivate community spirit, invigorate the arts and reimagine heritage. These are the ways we look to deliver just exceptional value.”

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