Kimen checks out carpentry contractor for Jervois Mansion
As part of the quality control for the carpentry work at Jervois Mansion, Kimen executive director Arthur Aw, together with PMI’s Tan Wee Teck and IF Studio’s Jane Wong, visited Signature’s showroom and factory near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Northward Ho! for team building; Louis gets long-service award
"Over the last five years, Kimen has become like a second family to me and I’ve celebrated some of my life’s highlights, including my marriage, with my colleagues,” said not-so-new kid on the block Louis during Kimen’s recent team-bonding excursion.
Jervois Mansion update: Completion of foundation work for blocks 10 and 16
The foundation work for blocks 10 and 16 of Jervois Mansion was completed on 23 September and 23 October, respectively. As Jervois Mansion is sited in a high-water-table area, Kimen has used a double waterproofing treatment for the foundations.
Kimen partners MCNEC and friends to build education centre in Myanmar
Kimen is partnering MCNEC and friends to erect a new education centre in Myanmar. In his personal capacity, Kimen’s executive director Arthur Aw, together with a team of pro-bono professionals, is also providing expertise and aid for this project.
ADDRESS: Q&A with Arthur Aw, Kimen Group – “I am passionate about creating exceptional real estate through critical design thinking and processes”
Arthur outlines Kimen’s brand philosophy that offers a new form of luxury of spaces that inspire lifestyles filled with wholesome values and social connectedness, and gives a glimpse of the boutique firm’s new gem of a project in central London.
Jervois Mansion: Laying firm foundations
Here’s a sneak preview to update you on what’s going on at the Jervois Mansion worksite. To lay a firm foundation, two types of essential work are currently being carried out.
ArchDaily: House of Mdm SC / JL Architects + LST Architects + Spatial Anatomy
Overcoming the challenges of a small trapezoidal plot of land set on an unevenly sloping profile, Kimen collaborated closely with the architect and interior designer to deliver a house of exceptional value.
Stacked Homes: Inside a modern kampong-inspired home with a garden on every level
Good design enabled Kimen, the developer of this unique house, to blend traditional village living with modern urban living, providing functionality and sustainability, enabling residents to enjoy the art of living.
Kimen scores another “first” for Jervois Mansion
Staying true to Kimen’s commitment to green sustainability, Jervois Mansion is Singapore’s first low-rise private residential development to be awarded with the Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) coveted Green Mark GoldPlus Super Low Energy certification (New Residential Buildings).
EdgeProp: Semi-detached house at Upper Bukit Timah showcases ‘new urban kampong’ concept
This recently rebuilt house wows with all the trappings of a bungalow which demonstrates Kimen’s attention to detail, the result being functional, rectilinear spaces with a bungalow feel on every floor.
Kimen transforms old semi-D to a spacious “bungalow”
Kimen, which won the Top Development and Landscape Excellence awards at last year’s prestigious EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards, continues to create just exceptional value with this complete makeover of a small semi-detached house into four floors of “bungalow” space.
Bungalow-inspired green living eagerly waiting to sprout from the ground
“Forty years ago, as a young man, I topped up the roof on one of the blocks. Now, seeing it as a flat piece of land, my wish is for it to become blessed homes for those who move in.”
EdgeProp: Jervois Mansion stands out with bungalow-inspired living concept
Kimen, developer of Jervois Mansion, has a unique vision to nurture neighbourly bonds in the upcoming estate, even to the extent of organising a farewell/welcome party for former residents and new owners to mingle and get to know each other.
Kimen stands tall among industry giants at EPEA Awards
Punching way above its weight, Kimen’s Jervois Mansion has won the Top Development Award and the Landscape Excellence Award at the prestigious EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards (EPEA) this year alongside industry giants such as Guccoland, CDL, Capitaland, and Bukit Sembawang.
Stacked Homes: Why I bought Jervois Mansion as my first home
Daren Ang, a property agent, shares how the launch of Jervois Mansion was so refreshingly different from other condos he has handled before and why he has confidence that Kimen will, through this “passion project”, deliver on an enhanced lifestyle.
Saying goodbye to Jervois Mansions and hello to Jervois Mansion
With a tinge of nostalgia, the Khellafi & McCallum family said, “If we’re leaving Jervois Mansions, what’s the point of staying in Singapore anyway? We’ll most likely not be able to find another place like this.”
Creating extraordinary value from sub-optimised conservation shophouses
Kimen played a key role in the innovative concept and branding of Hotel Soloha which attracted the interest of many buyers and in 2022, the hotel fetched a higher-than-expected price when Kimen sold it for a handsome return on investment.
Bonding over sun, sea and good fun!
“Sailing together in a catamaran with my colleagues makes me think of how we are all in the same boat with each playing our part to make our journey a memorable and rewarding one for all of us.”
World Architecture News: Super-low energy certification in Singapore by Serie + Multiply
The Building Construction Authority has given Jervois Mansion the Green Mark GoldPlus Super Low Energy certification – the first low-rise private residential building in Singapore to receive this award for its use of renewable energy and intelligent energy management.
88DesignBox: Serie+Multiply unveil super low energy residential development in Singapore
Jervois Mansion, inspired by the neighbourhood’s historic bungalow typology, will have six low-rise blocks with many communal facilities so that residents can form meaningful relationships over activities amidst lush greenery.