DesignBoom: Serie+Multiply Architects rethink Singapore bungalows into super-Low energy housing
Jervois Mansion is a radical reimagination of “bungalow living” that integrates sustainable smart technology with spatial design, using both passive and active designs to achieve super low energy living.
Stacked Homes: Touring Jervois Mansion to see what's so special
Jervois Mansion’s launch showed off the development’s colonial “bungalow” architecture, impeccable attention to detail, the mind-boggling amount of greenery planted on the estate and the use of entire rooftops to foster a strong sense of community and co-ownership.
ST: 99% of units launched at Jervois Mansion snapped up on opening weekend
The Kimen Group sold 104 of the available 105 units at Jervois Mansion’s official launch, testament to the development’s exceptional value for a freehold project in Jervois Close in the River Valley area, unique sustainability concept and overall thoughtful design.
Stacked Homes: Why Jervois Mansion sold 98% during launch
Besides the attractive pricing, a start-up mindset which provided refreshing transparency and authenticity, a well-thought-out and highly personalised marketing plan, as well as it being a “passion project” were reasons for Jervois Mansion’s stellar performance at launch.
CNA Luxury: A 'bungalow-inspired' condo in District 10
With bungalow-inspired apartments that are “close to the ground”, Jervois Mansion aims to enable residents to experience living within a nature sanctuary, a rarity in the city.
Stacked Homes: Jervois Mansion review – Incredible attention to detail in a lush garden setting
A labour of love by family-run Kimen Group, Jervois Mansion stands out both in terms of aesthetics and features, the astonishing attention to detail, the well-thought-out plans for long-term sustainable living, and the developer’s unwavering commitment to infuse nature’s bountifulness.
theHoneycombers: Keong Saik’s Hotel Soloha shows off a technicolour jungle and local artwork in a cosy heritage space
Kimen’s visionary reinterpretation of this heritage site is an invigorating take on an urban jungle theme that provides an immersive experience – from large-scale pop art murals, neon animal signs, animal sounds over the speakers, down to customised jungle-inspired carpets.
EdgeProp: Chinatown Hotel sold for $31 mil
With its JV partners, Kimen acquires three adjoining freehold conservation shophouses and, through its expertise in achieving spatial harmony, unlocks the hidden potential of the site in an unparalleled location into a boutique hotel which wows from any angle.