February 25, 2024
Lunar new year “lohei” with Kimen and partners; Blessing ceremony at Jervois Mansion worksite
The management team of Kimen celebrated the lunar new year with consultants, collaborators and workmen of Jervois Mansion (JM) with rounds of “lohei”. In conjunction with the one held at the JM worksite, a blessing ceremony was conducted.

“The tossing of raw fish salad (yusheng) or lohei has symbolic meaning for the Chinese as ‘raw’ (sheng) is a homonym for ‘being productive’ or ‘rising’ and ‘fish’ (yu) represents ‘abundance’. All the other ingredients that go into the salad also have auspicious significance too,” said Project Quality Director for JM Tan Wee Teck who was at both the consultants’ lohei at a restaurant and the one at the basement of block 10 at JM.

Mr. Tan Wee Teck (extreme right) at the consultants’ lohei.

The lohei at JM was done with consultants, staff of main contractor (SEC) and subcontractors of various trades.

The celebrations here were also special with the presence of Reverend Ivan Ee who was there to preside over a blessing ceremony for JM. In his speech, Rev Ee highlighted one of the ingredients used in yusheng – oil – to express his wish for the joy and grace of God to be with all who were present as well as to bless the construction of JM to progress smoothly. He also prayed for everyone involved in the project to be blessed with good health and safety.

Lohei at JM construction site.

Speech by Reverend Ee.

Reverend Ee (extreme right) with Arthur Aw (centre) at JM lohei.

To date, the foundation work for blocks 6, 10, 12 and 16 and level 1 reinforced concrete (RC) works of blocks 10 and 16 have been completed and work has begun on the foundation of blocks 8 & 14, level 1 RC works of block 6 and level 2 of blocks 10 & 16.

Kimen executive director Arthur Aw said at the event, “The progress of the construction of JM could not have possible without the efforts of all present here today and we take this opportunity to give them our due appreciation. We want to ensure that every aspect of the build is done with utmost care and attention to detail. Some things cannot be rushed as we strive to construct something that we would be proud of. Good things come to those who wait.”

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