October 18, 2022
Saying goodbye to Jervois Mansions and hello to Jervois Mansion

With a tinge of nostalgia, the Khellafi & McCallum family said, “If we’re leaving Jervois Mansions, what’s the point of staying in Singapore anyway? We’ll most likely not be able to find another place like this.”

As Jervois Mansions will be redeveloped, Kimen organised a farewell party for residents to say goodbye to a place that they had once called home.

This place held a special place in their hearts as this was where so many of their fond memories of Singapore and friendships with neighbours were made.

The precious memories of the residents of Jervois Mansions were recorded in a book, titled “Jervois Mansions, Our Families, Our Memories” which was presented to residents and new buyers of the upcoming Jervois Mansion.

Together with residents, new buyers of Jervois Mansion at the party enjoyed the genial party atmosphere, and sampled Jervois Savour – floral spring rolls and Jervois Secret – custom-made cocktails, with a ‘live’ band in attendance.

A unique activity at the party was for residents and their children to make their “mark” on the walls. While the kids had a blast with the mural painting, adults penned heartfelt messages like “Best place ever, Tilly; Home away from home; We will never forget you, JM; JM, much love; We will miss you, JM; I love you, Jervois Mansions; Jervois forever.”

The party, held on 2 July 2022, was also a golden opportunity for new buyers of the upcoming Jervois Mansion to “catch” the community spirit.

For new buyers, the experience was also a special one. One buyer by the pool said, “I am so proud to be an owner of the new Jervois Mansion. Sitting here, I can just visualise how beautiful it would be.”

Another buyer took to the microphone to serenade to his wife on their wedding anniversary that very day.

Indeed, it is this strong sense of community and proud ownership that the Kimen Group will strive to bring about in the new development.

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